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Professional Resume Writing Services DUBAI UAE KUWAIT UK USA

Professional Resume Writing Services in Dubai, UAE.


Professional Resume Writing Services in Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Doha Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and in any city or country, in the world. Highly Affordable Services. Your high impact Resume is delivered right into your email inbox.

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"We all must know that in today's job market, grades are not given too much importance, rather, it is the soft skills or the employability skills, attitude and  your achievements that finally wins you the job."

We shall create a Professional, cutting-edge, job-winning Resume/CV, showcasing your qualifications and strengths, for you. Immediately get noticed and short-listed by Recruiters with our high-impact resumes.

Executive Resume Writing Get your Professional Resume crafted by experts.

Your interview-generating executive resume will be crafted by a highly experienced writer who is skilled at showing the benchmark results you have achieved that will serve as a prediction for future success. While there are always attractive openings to be found, companies are quick to weed out those candidates who fail to show they are capable of delivering impressive results. It is only those few select individuals able to differentiate their professional skills and qualifications, supported by a history of leadership, innovation and strategic contributions, who will be afforded the opportunity for an interview for the best positions.

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ADD-ON SERVICES - Our Affordable services also include the following add-ons:-
Cover Letter Get your Power Packed Letter to be accompanied with your new resume.

Any Resume/CV would be incomplete without a Cover Letter. A good Cover Letter highlights your core skills and experience, and generates enough interests to read your Resume/CV. Employers usually review a cover letter prior to looking at your resume. If your cover letter doesn't create a high impact, your resume won't ever get any attention at all.

Jump-start your job search with this powerful marketing tool.

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Express Resume CV's - Get your Professional Resume or CV within 2 business days.

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Returning Clients - Resume/CV Updates

Welcome back! If your Resume/CV already exists in our database and if you are planning to switch jobs again, your recent most experience & the new competencies developed must be added in your latest CV. Allow us continue the good work on your CV at an affordable and discounted price. Just Contact Us with your "Customer Id" and necessary details with the subject of your email as: "Request For Resume/CV Update".



Advice on listing certifications and licenses inside your resume

Your resume is a compilation of your respective professional life; from your schooling to summer time internships, from publications to technological skills, it is critical that ones resume includes anything that would help you get the job that you are interested in. Most professionals make a mistake of concentrating on experience and education only. Because of this, they disregard any additional info, such as certifications they have of their field, that would enhance their qualifications and assure that they stand right out of the competition.

Any professional certifications and licenses that impact your career and your ability to do your task should be listed on ones resume. This concept is straight forward for all professionals who cannot actually accomplish their jobs without having a license to do so. This is the case pertaining to teachers, real estate agents, medical experts, etc. If you are in a very profession that requires specific certification and/or licenses, your resume should include a section specific to this info. The heading should state “Professional Certifications” or perhaps “Professional Licenses”. You should record, in reverse chronological order, any certifications and licenses which you have acquired in your professional experience.

However, it is a lot harder to contemplate this information and include it in your resume if your professional area doesn't require any certifications or perhaps licenses. For example, having a certificate from some sort of seminar on managing multiple projects is probably not required in order to perform your work effectively. However, such a certificate can be be extremely helpful in virtually any area, and if included on ones resume, it can help you stand right out of the crowd of available professionals in addition to catch the employer’s attention.

Consider any courses or training seminars you attended inside your professional career. Don’t forget to include virtually any courses you may have taken included in the training at a current or at the previous job. For example, if you have completed an application on using Microsoft Access Database included in the training on your current employment, and you know that you can be required to work with this program in a new position that you will be seeking, make a note of the on your resume.

Treat the report on licenses and certifications as you need to do your professional encounter; make a list, in change chronological order, and consider which from the items you listed are based on your professional goals. Your resume should have at most five most recent certifications in addition to licenses. List the date in the event the certificate or license was attained; if you took a course with time, for example, indicate the completion date in type of month and year only. The precise name of the certificate or the license should be listed, along with an providing organization. No additional information is required for this area of ones resume. Additionally, make sure to highlight any certification and licenses in the cover letter if they promote your qualifications to the job you are seeking.

In the event the listing of licenses or certification is lengthy, you can include this information on a separate sheet connected with paper. You should always list several most recent items; however should the listing exceeds five items, allow the potential employer know that additional information is available upon request. Your resume or your employment cover letter can point out this info, as well as highlight simply those elements that promote you as the best candidate for the employment.


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