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Get Professional CV Writing Services  provided by CV Writing Experts, who will precisely summarize your skills, strengths, experience and achievements into an eye catching Resume or CV and Cover Letter to give you an edge over your competitors and help you to secure the job of your dreams.

Our Professional CV Writers are the best in the industry and will prepare a Chronological, Functional or Combined Resume or CV depending upon your job, position and employment situation. A Professional Resume or CV crafted by our Resume Writing experts will surely impress your would be employers to call you for an interview. Job interviews are guaranteed.

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With Times Resumes, You are Guaranteed Interviews

The More Interviews you get the more are your chances to succeed in securing employment.

"We all must know that in today's employment market, grades are not given too much importance in a Resume or CV, rather, it is the soft skills, attitude and  your achievements."

We shall create a cutting-edge, Resume or CV, showcasing your qualifications and strengths, for you to Immediately get noticed and short-listed by Recruiters.

Your interview-generating Resume or CV will be crafted and edited by highly experienced Professional Resume writers who are skilled at showing the benchmark results you have achieved that will serve as a prediction for future success. While there are always attractive openings to be found, companies are quick to weed out those candidates who fail to show they are capable of delivering impressive results. It is only those few select individuals who are able to differentiate their skills and qualifications, with the help of our expert writers, supported by a history of leadership, innovation and strategic contributions, will be afforded the opportunity for an interview for the best positions. Our Professional Resume Writers are the best in the industry.


Any Resume or CV would be incomplete without a Cover Letter that highlights your core competencies and experience, and generates enough interests to read your Resume or CV. Employers usually review a Cover Letter prior to looking at your CV or Resume and if it doesn't create a high impact, your Resume or CV won't ever get any attention at all.

Categorizing job illustrations in your CV or resume

The foremost difficult and time consuming section of any resume is the listing of your work expertise, regardless of the amount you have reached in your professional career. If you have just graduated school and don't have any full-time professional experience, you're involved if your half time job and summer internship are enough to urge your foot in the door. If you are a seasoned skilled with extensive work expertise, you're worried how to fit all of your onerous work on only one page of the resume. If you're changing careers, you're unsure which skills best showcase your qualifications. Listing work responsibilities on our resumes does not get easier as our career progresses. The secret is to think about your career objective and prioritize your work in accordance to your goals.

When people are asked concerning work responsibilities, they have an inclination to disclose the routine items initial. This technique can be a expensive mistake for listing your professional experiences on your resume because it leaves all of the necessary and key qualifications at the bottom of the list. To avoid falling into this follow, first place together a listing of your responsibilities on a sheet of paper. For your initial draft, do not worry about how you're phrasing each statement - just make a listing of everything that you do in your current or have worn out your previous jobs.

Once your list is completed, take into account all of the responsibilities you've got included. What are the three most important things on the list for every job? How do those job responsibilities relate to your career objective? Are there any alternative responsibilities you have got listed that better support your career objective than the 3 you picked as the foremost critical to your job? You have got to think about all these queries in order to prioritize your job descriptions on your resume.

Begin every description with a power word, like managed, developed, communicated, etc. You must double check that the statements you list first quantify your achievements - do not be afraid to list sales figured, customer acquisition rates, budget and timeline successes, or any other figures that help place your responsibilities in an exceedingly context of the business/field you're working in. Also, these statements ought to be aligned together with your career objective. If you want to induce a job in project management, letting your employer apprehend that you simply managed a team of 20 folks will effectively highlight your qualifications. It is important to quantify your job description statements on your resume; but, as a word of caution, do not quantify all statements, just one or 2 that are most critical to your job and are goal oriented. This shows your employer that you're thinking that in terms of exceeding your goals. All subsequent descriptions of your responsibilities ought to support the first one or 2 things on your list.

Prioritizing doesn't only apply to your job descriptions, though it's the most commonly disregarded element during this specific area of the resume. Achievements and qualifications are typically misrepresented because they're not ordered properly. Same rules apply - contemplate which of your achievements and your qualifications are most complimentary to your career objective, and list them initial. For example, if you're applying for a job in customer service, list your communication skills before your laptop skills. While each are necessary, your communication skills are more in line with your career objective, and so ought to take priority.

As a final check, put yourself in the shoes of your employer. Cross-check the job description and make certain that you just address the qualifications required for the job with the knowledge on your resume. Let your potential employer apprehend you have what they're wanting for, and you'll be certain to form a great impression.

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Client Testimonials:

Thank you very much for the CV draft. It is excellent. Thank you very much. Appreciated.

Tan Kee Hee - Financial Controller

Dubai, UAE


Excellent very impressive you guys are amazing will definitely recommend you to people I know.

Farah Shahid Karim

Fashion Event Coordinator, Creative Brand Manager,

Doha Qatar


Thank you so much for the excellent CV and Cover Letter, appreciated.

Edward I Mascharenhas

Chief HVAC/Electrical Maintenance Supervisor

Kuwait City, Kuwait


Excellent job done I have

gone through the draft which you sent and I am very much happy to see such drafting. There is not an error from your end.

Prashant R Dandawate

Production Manager

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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