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Professional Resume Writing Services

Professional Resume Writing Services in India

Affordable Resume Writing Services by Professional Resume Writers

Resume preparation by some of the best professional resume writers in India. Although we are based in India our resume writing services are available online in all cities, worldwide. The first draft is prepared and delivered right in to your email inbox. Your final resume or CV is delivered to you only after you have approved the final draft.

Resume writing services, for all job seekers, managers, senior managers and executives. Get a high Impact Resume / CV and Cover Letter, targeted to suit any Job, industry or country in the world.

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Highly Experienced Professional Resume Writers in India = Superior Quality

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JobSatisfy Your Dream of a Better Job and a Better Life.

job CVGet Noticed and Short-Listed by Recruiters.

JobStart Your Job Search With Our Expert help, for Best Results.


Chronological, Functional & Combined Resumes or CV's and Cover Letters.....

Professionally written to suit any Job Situation.

For Over 1300 Different Jobs in India and abroad.

For Over Fourteen Types Of Career Situations.

Our clients include entry level graduates, professionals, managers, senior managers and executives in all industries, in all cities and countries in the world.


You must seriously consider hiring The Best Professional Resume Writing Services based in India: -

a) In case you have never attempted writing a resume before and you do not know anyone who can professionally help in the resume writing process.                                                                                                                                                               b) If you and are really unsure of the very appropriate resume format that is suitable for your profile.                                       c) If English is certainly not your first language or if you know that you typically have problems with spelling's or grammar.

Resume writers at Times Resumes expertly concentrate on developing and writing resumes for people looking for work in any kind of industry, with any experience stage. These expert writers are highly trained in creating winning statements that draw attention, and as far as you can, customize and format your resume to match your career goals. In addition to their writing skills, these professionals are greatly acquainted with the scanning software that majority of companies use now-a-days, to evaluate resumes, for several key words and phrases, in their search for people with skills related to the work offered.

We will first collect one of the most essential information related to your career objective, before we begin the resume preparation. If you have a present resume (no matter how old it may be) you must give it to the writer to begin with before embarking on the strategy of resume preparation. Our writers will help you in composing your career target statement, listing your responsibilities in a "to the point" manner, and perfecting the last document. Additionally, we will help you to address any concerns potential employers might have about you, such as explaining a difference of career, or gaps as part of your professional history. With the help in our professional resume writers at Times Resumes, you could be sure to make the very best impression, each and every time with your would be employers and recruiters.

A CV is an advertisement created to get you job interviews.

Companies and recruitment firms obtain hundreds of Resumes or CVs for each and every job opening. However, only a couple of candidates are short listed for the interview. This short listing is done initially based on your CV. On an average a Resume or Curriculum Vitae will receive initial consideration for not more than 10 seconds. It must make an effect on the employer or recruiter within this very short time. In order to get someone to check out it longer, it must easily and
effectively convey your capabilities, competence and 'strengths'. Hence it becomes very crucial that you prepare your CV in a highly professional manner so that it gets immediately noticed by employers/recruiters, to achieve you a job interview call up.

Expert CV writers at Times Resumes, India will craft out a well crafted, eye catching, Curriculum Vitae and job cover letter, for you, demonstrating your qualifications and experience to your potential employer, in order absolutely help secure more job interviews and lastly win the job of your current dreams.

Our superior quality but affordable services are truly the best in the world. The high impact eye catching resumes prepared by our professional resume writers will help you to secure more job selection interviews.

You have just 10 seconds to create a winning impression before your employers. So don't simply leave it to chance. Just seize the chance, put your best foot ahead and reap the rewards.


Resume review asking and getting help for FREE

Writing a resume is a process of self-discovery in many ways. You have to market yourself to your potential employer, which is a very difficult task because we have to walk the fine line of objectivity and self-promotion.

Your resume must summarize your educational achievements, professional experience, and qualification in a way that best meets your career objective. Composing your entire professional history on one or two pages can be time consuming; thus, we sometimes spend hours and days writing and re-writing our resumes in order to perfect the content and the format before it reaches our potential employer. However, after looking at the same content over and over, it becomes easy for us to miss very simple typos or grammar errors, or even poorly written statements that may raise questions in the eyes of the hiring manager. Before posting your resume on job search web sites, or submitting it to companies you are interested in, it is in your best interest to have someone else review it. This can be a scary thought – while you may want help and feedback from your friend, you are concerned they will dislike something aesthetic and you’ll feel the pressure to make formatting changes. And since you have already spent a lot of time on your resume, you don’t want to have to start over.

Since you know you can benefit from having someone else review your resume, the key is to set some boundaries and goals for that review. Ask about specific things that are of the concern to you – if you know that grammar isn’t your strength, ask your friends to proofread the content. If you have gaps in your work history, ask your friend to act as a potential employer and review the resume and cover letter together. Do they have any questions about your work history, or have you addressed everything in your cover letter? Accept feedback about content, but make sure that your friends are raising valid questions about the statements you are making. If they suggest that you change an action word, can they give you a valid reason behind the change, or is the reasoning based on their personal preference? Don’t get into an argument over formatting – do your research ahead of time and know what the acceptable resume style is for your field. It is also beneficial that you have more than one additional person review your resume before you send it to your potential employers. This helps you in recognizing if the feedback is based on personal preferences or professional concerns. Ideally, the person you ask for help has experience in your field, and can help assure that the action words or phrases you have chose are appropriate for your industry and position level.

If you are unsure that you are even on the right track with your resume, and you feel that the research you have done is overwhelming and not helpful, seek assistance from a professional resume writing service. A professional resume writer should be able to help guide you in the right direction, revise your current resume or create a new resume for you. Make sure that the professional you are working with can provide you with references and samples, and that they are versed in writing resumes for professionals in your field of work. While this option requires you paying for someone’s assistance, it can prove to be a more beneficial one in the long run.

You can always serve as your own resume editor. Step away from your resume for a while; give yourself some time, usually a day or two, between writing the resume and reviewing it. This allows you to be more objective as you review the final draft of your resume, because you are not as intimately involved with it at the moment of review (the way you would be immediately after completing the draft).

No matter what option of review you chose, make sure that you do in fact review your resume before submitting it to your potential employer. You don’t want your hiring manager catching your mistakes, do you? A well-written, error-free resume is more likely to get you noticed, and get you the job that you want.

Get a Free Resume review from Times Resumes. Just click on the contact us links at the top of this page above and sent your resume to us in an email for a free review.


Professionally crafted CVs and Cover Letters.

Our CVs and Cover Letters are in Great Demand By Job Seekers Worldwide!

Did you know that:

A well-written CV, prepared by our team of expert writers, can help you to avoid being stuck at your current position, and can get you an interview to land the job of your dreams. Our Expert writers shall customize your CV for your targeted position, and especially pay attention to the following three elements: resume style, career objective, and personal profile.


We Ensure Affordable but Superior Services to all our Customers.

At Times Résumés we strive to keep our working costs low and strive to provide superior quality results to all our customers, in India and abroad, at highly affordable rates. We offer all our customers a quality service guarantee for 30 days. This means that if we have written a CV or resume for you as a customer and you submit it to several prospective employers, but do not get an interview within a period of 30 days, just send the resume or CV back to us and we shall rewrite it for you completely free of charge.

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